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The United School Board of Education held their monthly meeting last week. Although the meeting was short, the items discussed were important ones. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt reports the majority of the meeting was on the Tax Levy for the district:

“It’s October so we are starting the Levy discussion. We will have to approve a Levy come December. So we started that discussion. Started stalking about what the levy might look like, not knowing any firm numbers on the EAB at this point of course. We are getting close and next month we will present one and then come back in December and go. The biggest factor, the complicating factor in that, is we are waiting on the state to return our 10 year life safety survey back to us. What we turned into the state shows a little over 6.5 million worth of work to be done on our district buildings. We are going to have to borrow to do that. We are going to have to finance to get those projects done in a timely manner, which is required by law for us to do. That will impact our Tax Levy. That will impact how we go about everything across the board,” Whitsitt shares.

Whitsitt  shares the other main item discussed is the district is in the bid process of constructing a bus facility at the high school.

“We’re going to use about one and a half acres, 1.6 acres off of our Ag Plot that we purchased last November. We have eight totals acres, so we are going to take about one and a half of that to build a bus facility so we can keep our buses on campus and in a location that will benefit us in a number of ways,” states Whitsitt.

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