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Sunday November 11th, the Roseville Christian Church, located at 215 West Broadway in Roseville, will be having a special Veteran’s Day service. The service will honor the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War 1. Karen Wingate has this to share:

“We will open up with our traditional singing time then we will proceed into a commemoration of the military in our congregation. We will show a video of different people that have been in the military. We will have a presentation of the colors, special music, and our Minister Jack Wingate will be preaching on Faithfulness. We really hope to emphasize the quality that we see in our military people of dedication and sacrifice of service and tie into our spiritual faith,” Wingate shares.

Members of the congregation and prior military will be around to explain unique uniforms, ribbons, telegrams, and many other items that will be on display.

The service will begin at 9:30 am. All are welcomed to attend.

For more information, call 309-426-2131.

Listen to the entire interview below: