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Our December School Spotlight is West Central High School led by Principal Jason Kirby:

“We have had a great school year up to this point. We have had a number of things we have accomplished for the very first time that we are very proud of. Our test scores are going up that we have seen this year from previous years. We have seen that our test scores have gone up because our teachers are doing a great job in the classroom and our students are achieving goals as well. Our FFA program is something we are very proud of at West Central and it continues to remain strong, with our chapter being recognized as one of the leaders in the state in eight different areas and 16 of our students placing in state competition,” Kirby states.

The teacher of the month is Cody Eaton:

“As a first year teacher in our Special Ed department he has been amazing, not only in the classroom but in the hallways with the students as well. His presence during the school day has been amazing. His help with student discipline and management throughout the day has helped us tremendously not only in his classroom but throughout the school as well. He has taken it upon himself to help our students, not only those in his classroom but those who may be struggling before and after school to make sure they are getting help academically to succeed and be prepared for graduation,” shares Kirby.

Congratulations to our teacher of the month Cody Eaton and our school spotlight West Central High School courtesy of MTC Communications, the Regional Office of Education, and Lacky Monuments.