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City Council Meeting Summary 02.04.2019
Next City Council Meeting – February 19 th at 6:00 PM
Official Minutes available at www.cityofmonmouth.com

1– Presentations Or Citizen Inquiries
No presentations were conducted tonight.

2- Proclamation For National Mentoring Month
Mayor Davies read a proclamation declaring National Mentoring Month in the City Of Monmouth. The proclamation encouraged all citizens, business, public and private institutions to support mentoring and to give young people in the community the gift of time and friendship through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

3- Building And Zoning Monthly Report – Director Clark
• Fareway has completed roof decking, roof drains and has set curbs for their air handling equipment.
• Director Clark has been working with Midwest Bank in regards to the utilization of the Patton Block Building. Midwest intends to have 2 retail stores on the ground floor with office space on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor will become office/classroom space.
• O.S.F. Holy Family has submitted plans for a new Sterile Processing Department at their facility. O.S.F. is currently accepting bids for construction, and the anticipated start date is mid-march.
• Smithfield continues to work on their new procurement building and has completed their 300,000-gallon hot water holding tank.

The community reported $68,305.00 in various project construction costs to the zoning department for January.

4- Woodard And Curran Monthly Report – Director Jackson
• The CDBG water main project will be advertised for bid in early February. This is a grantfunded program which will allow for the replacement of select water infrastructure in the southern end of town. • The street department has begun developing a street overlay program for FY 2019-2020. The investment in road repair and maintenance this year is anticipated to be significant.
• During the polar vortex event last week only 1 water main break occurred. No workers were injured, and all equipment functioned correctly.

The water treatment plants produced 89 million gallons of finished water in December. The waste treatment plant treated and discharged 154 million gallons in December.

5- Community Engagement Report – Director Helms
• Director Helms finished up a program with Junior Achievement. The program was called “It’s My Future” and covered a wide range of topics covering job-hunting, personal-branding, career paths, and soft skills. Mrs. Bresnahan’s sixth grade class at Central Intermediate were the hosts for the multiple session program. The program was produced by Junior Achievement Of The Heartland and is designed to draw from volunteer experience during the presentation. Additional City staff have volunteered for other J.A. programs which start this year as well. More information on the programs may be found at https://www.juniorachievement.org
• Mayor Davies was asked to speak to Western Illinois University’s Economics 535 class by Professor John Gruidl. The presentation was in regards to the City’s recent economic development efforts and the success it has had with attracting new development. Former Alderman Robbin Johnson was also in attendance to speak about the changes that occurred when the citizens voted to make Monmouth a home rule community in the late 90s. Various topics were covered including the numerous public/private partnerships the City has engaged in, the importance of involving local stakeholders and the recent studies that the City has performed.

6- Martin Sullivan Mowing Equipment Proposal
The mowing equipment that the public works department uses to maintain municipal-owned properties has begun to accumulate a large number of hours. Traditionally, the City trades in this equipment before the trade-in value falls below acceptable limits. The local John Deere dealer, Martin Sullivan has submitted a proposal for the trade-in of the existing equipment and replacement.
• 5 machines will be traded in at a value of $13,250
• 6 machines will be purchased for $23,000 after trade-in value.

A motion was made for approval and was approved.

7- Resolutions
A. Release Of Executive Session Minutes Twice a year the City passes a resolution to release executive session minutes for public consumption. Executive Session minutes are sealed until release due to the confidential nature of the topics discussed which may cover multiple topics including personnel, land sale, contract negotiations and other topics which may be of a time-sensitive nature.

A motion for approval of the resolution was made and was approved.

7- Executive Session
No Executive Session was held.

8- Other business
No other business was discussed.

***Report Courtesy of the Monmouth City Council***