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The new Carl Sandburg College Corporate and Leisure schedule has been released. Seven days trips are going to be offered this spring. The first trip will be on Saturday March 23rd. Stacey Rucker, Director of Corporate and Leisure Activities, has more:

“We are going to Skokie, IL and the Holocaust Museum. It’s the third largest one in the United States. It will be a very exciting day trip that we are all looking forward to,” shares Rucker.

Other upcoming Day Trips include visiting the Peoria Riverfront Museum, the second Lincoln Douglas Debate site, Havencrest Castle in Savannah, and more.

The day trips are available for anyone to go on.

For more information, search Sandburg Corporate and Leisure on Facebook or call the college at 309-345-3501.


Listen to Rucker’s entire interview below to hear about the other upcoming trips: