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At the recent Monmouth-Roseville board meeting, it was passed to install a security vestibule at the junior high. Superintendent Ed Fletcher offers more insight:

“As part of our long term strategic plan to install vestibules in our buildings, we have just done one a year and now we are in the fourth year and will be doing the junior high. Mr. Farr and Mrs. Tansey, the secretary there, have come up with a good plan so we will be doing that this summer,” states Fletcher.

The project will cost the district an estimated $115,980.

The district will also be installing new lights at the football field this year before the start of next season. Fletcher has the details:

“We sent a drone up and noticed our telephone poles were rotting from the top down. We did not have enough time to do anything last year, so we prayed long and hard and hoped nothing would happen and we would not have any issues. And we didn’t. We knew we had to bid it out this year to get them replaced,” Fletcher shares.

The bid is for a total of $335,200 and will come from the life safety funds to complete the project.

The board has approved for an extracurricular random drug testing policy for their high school students. Fletcher has more:

“In this case, extracurricular activity random drug testing policy is what it says. You know we will take kids who are in extracurricular activities, it could be sports, clubs, or band. Any number of things, or if you park on campus in the school parking lot. We will work with a company, kids will be selected randomly and given a drug screen,” says Fletcher.

Once results are received, if they are positive the district will look to the student handbook for consequences.