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The United School Board recently added a new policy to the district titled the ‘Pilot Program’, which would allow someone to add an activity at one of the schools. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt has more:

“If someone comes to us and gets board approval, we will work with them to run a pilot program to see if we can add a program to our list of extracurricular activities. We are still a small school and there are a lot of factors that go into those things. So if we can take a little bit of time and get people to help prove to us that it is a program we can sustain, and a positive thing for our kids, we’ve got no problem bringing it on. To just say we are going to try this or try that, there is no good process for us to make those kind of decisions. By putting this policy in place, if will fall under the guys that people are going to have to come to us and we will work with them. It will be our responsibility to come up with a coach or sponsor and those kinds of things. But we will work with them on the rest of it and evaluate it over time,” states Whitsitt.

The policy has been capped at four years, so if the program has not proven itself in those four years the district will move on and try a different program.