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Our April School Spotlight is Monmouth-Roseville High School led by Principal William Bradford:

“We have a wide range of experience. We have a couple of very new teachers to the building, a science teacher and ESL teacher because our wonderful ESL population just keeps growing. Our veteran teachers are still cranking it out and learning new things and going through professional development. I’m very proud of getting a third counselor in the building to provide a more intimate observation and services for our students, not only on the academic level, but also on the social and emotional level as well,” shares Bradford.

The teacher of the month is Ben Eaton:

“Ben Eaton, he teaches English I, English II, Applied Communications, and he has taken on the chess club. One of the cool things is when you walk by his room, is you would hear all this chaos and his loud and boisterous voice and you would think something was wrong. When you walk in, you just hear his passion for English and he wants the kids to get excited about English and the writing process, and about literature. He is more than willing and ready to be nominated for Teacher of the Month. It is well deserved,” Bradford states.

Congratulations to our teacher of the month Ben Eaton and our school spotlight Monmouth-Roseville High School courtesy of MTC Communications, the Regional Office of Education, and Lackey Monuments.