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Kevin Hines of the Kevin and Martin Hines Foundation and director of Suicide: the Ripple Effect will be the keynote speaker at the Discover Wellness Summit on April 26 from 8:30am to four pm at Carl Sandberg College in Galesburg. Hines, whose attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge inspired him to direct the film as well as speak to thousands of people, tells us what influenced him to tell his story:

“I told my story for the first time at my grade school in front of 120 Catholic students. I stood there shaking, crying, holding my cane with my right hand and in my back brace, believing this won’t help anyone. After the presentation, eight kids raised their hands and asked some wonderful questions, and they genuinely cared. Two weeks later I got letters from 120 kids who were there, and more importantly six or seven of those letters were from kids who were actively suicidal. Because they were minors their letters were screened, we got them to safety, we involved their parents and they are alive today. My father, at that moment, told me, ‘Kevin, you have to do this however, wherever, and whenever possible,’ and we never stopped.”

Hines is very active on social media, with pages on Instagram and YouTube to name a few. Visit his YouTube page at youtube.com/kevinhines to hear Hines speak before the Summit on April 26.

Article written by Matthew Needham.