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Monmouth College will be adding three new programs to their curriculum starting in the upcoming Fall semester. The Data Science, Neuroscience, and Engineering majors will be the new programs coming to the College and will be housed in the Center of Science and Business. President of Monmouth College Clarence R. Wyatt had this to say about Monmouth College expanding its academic program and what it means for the College’s Liberal Arts tradition:

“They are absolutely consistent with the liberal arts and science tradition. That tradition has always evolved and the way we like to talk about it is we need to engage our students in emerging fields of inquiry so that they can lead, and succeed, in emerging fields of endeavor.”

According to Monmouth College’s website, the engineering program will be based on three cores of science, engineering, and renaissance thinking; data science will encompass statistics, algorithms, and data analysis, among other disciplines; and the neuroscience program will teach a wide variety of topics ranging from physics to philosophy.

Article written by Matthew Needham.