Craig Allaman of Munson Hybrids Discusses Outlook for this Year's Crops

Craig Allaman of Munson Hybrids discussed this year’s agronomy landscape, and how the weather has affected the crop ahead of harvest.

“We started out with a cool wet spring, so we’ve had a slow start. We had that one period of real high heat, which probably took a little bit off the tips of the corn in some areas after pollination, but this cool period in August has just been tremendous,” Allaman said.

The outbreak of Japanese beetles and some stretches of warm weather have affected some crops, but Allaman says, for the most part, crops should be in good shape heading into harvest.

“I don’t think we’ve been hurt greatly by the dry period. And of course, last week’s rainfall was a relief. We get a couple more of these rains through the end of the month, and I think we’re staring a pretty good crop in the face,” he said.
written by Jackson Kane

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