Link Gives Updates on Warren County Health Department

Jenna Link, an administrator for the Warren County Health Department, said the Department experienced a relatively quiet summer, but with school around the corner, they’re prepping for a busy fall.

“We are booked out on the dental side. We’re booked out until the end of October. On the hygenist side, it’s January. If you’re needing a back-to-school dental exam, you’re not going to get it done in time,” Link said.

The Health Department is also a couple weeks into their six-week walking program called “Warren County Out Walking.” The program is funded entirely by funds received from Warren County United Way. Approximately 20 people are participating in the program this year. The group will conclude the program by taking part in the Prime Beef Festival 5K.

Link also warns Warren County residents about the impending Solar Eclipse, which is set to happen next Monday afternoon, Aug. 21st.

“The activity will be from about noon to 3 o’clock,” she said. “The only safe way – and I won’t even say safe – when it’s fully eclipsed, you can look at it and not be in danger of burns. In our area, we aren’t going to see the full eclipse. We are only going to see partial, so it’s not safe to look at the sun.”
written by Jackson Kane

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