Monmouth College Prepping for 2017


Monmouth College is preparing for yet another school year. President Clarence Wyatt and Vice President Duane Bonifer are optimistic about the growth of the college, and believe that geographical diversity leads to a better educational experience.

“We have 327 new students coming to us from 32 states and 34 countries,” Wyatt said. “When I first arrived at the college, the class that entered in the Fall of ’14, about nine percent of that class was from out of state. This year, it’s 24 percent. That’s an important development for all kinds of reasons.”

About 1,100 students will attend Monmouth College this year, a number that Wyatt says wouldn’t be possible without passionate recruiters, the admissions staff, and the student financial planning staff.

“Number one, They know their business. They are great professionals. Number two, they are enthusiastic and passionate about Monmouth College and the special opportunities that Monmouth can provide. And number three, they care about people,” Wyatt said.

The remaining students left to move in will do so this Saturday, Aug. 19th. Freshman Orientation will also happen this Saturday, followed by the annual Freshman Walk-Out on Monday, Aug. 21st. Classes start on Tuesday, Aug. 22nd.
written by Jackson Kane

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