Doyle and Red Cross Helping with Local and National Tragedies

Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico have been devastated by hurricanes in recent months. With that destruction comes people that need help. That is where the American Red Cross comes in. Carissa Doyle, the Major Gift Director for the organization’s local chapter, talked about some of the services they’re providing to help those in need.

“We have sent, in Central Illinois, 144 volunteers and staff down to help in those areas. They’re helping with everything from shelters, to serving food, to being the local voice in those communities because the staff that are located there are extremely busy. We’re just stepping in in any way we can to assist,” she said.

Hurricane relief is just the latest assistance that the local chapter of the Red Cross is providing. After a tornado damaged much of Cameron during the summer of 2015, Doyle and the Red Cross helped families through that tragedy as well.

The Red Cross has also partnered with the Monmouth Fire Department recently to offer a new smoke alarm program to citizens in Warren County.

“This is for any resident. Everyone qualifies. All you have to do is call the fire department at 734-8427, and you can work with them to make an appointment. They’ll install up to three smoke alarms for free,” Doyle said.

177 free smoke alarms have already been installed in Warren County. The alarms are powered by a 10-year lithium battery. To set up an appointment to get your free smoke alarms installed, call 309-734-8427.
written by Jackson Kane

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