KCCAC's Chesney Explains Services for Families

Brooke Chesney, Executive Director at the Knox County Child Advocacy Center, stopped by the studio recently to discuss what the Center does for the surrounding area, and what types of services they provide.
“The main issue that we focus on is child abuse – both prevention and also, trying to help the kids that have gone through some sort of experience. What we try to do is make sure that the families have a lot of support, a lot of help through the process,” Chesney said.
The Center offers various services for families affected by abuse such as case management and counseling. A partnership with the United Way has allowed Chesney and the Center to provide services such as counseling for free.
“United Way has been absolutely fantastic in what they do to support our agency. They provide money that goes straight back to Warren County by allowing us to provide these services. Everything that is donated to United Way comes straight to the agencies. They don’t take anything for administrative costs. United Way has been great at giving money straight to the agencies, and certainly it has impacted how we are able to provide for the children of Warren County,” Chesney said.
KCCAC is a referral-based program for children that have been affected by sexual abuse, physical abuse, or have been witnesses to a crime. They have offices in both Galesburg and Monmouth. For more information about the Center, call 309-344-8416.
written by Jackson Kane