Bids for Citizen's Lake Improvements Approved

The Monmouth City Council discussed the various options for the OSLAD project at Citizen’s Lake with the project engineer from Bruner Cooper & Zuck. The budget for this project is up to 400 thousand dollars with 90% grant funding. The initial project design started 4 years ago, however due to state budget issues, it has faced continual delays.

At the original time of planning, there were a number of improvements incorporated into the 400k budget. The project however now faces an over-run and decisions need to be made as to which parts are funded this year. It was decided to table the improved bathhouse construction as the majority of campers choose to opt for full service hookup. Mayor Rod Davies talked about the need for improvements out at Citizen’s Lake.

“They’re all good projects. We have more demand than spaces, so adding 10 new ones will also be nice to expand the access out there,” he said.

Additional campsites, infrastructure improvements, and an ADA compliant fishing pier are still part of the current construction. The bid was split into two parts to maximize the use of existing funds. Bidding was awarded to the lowest responsible bidders as per law which were in this case Laverdiere Construction and Fry Builders. A motion was made for approval of the bids and was approved.

*Report courtesy of City of Monmouth*

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