City Council Meeting Summary from Oct. 16, 2017


Council Meeting Summary 10.16.2017
1 – Presentations or Citizen Inquiries to Council A. Mayor Davies and Council presented certifications of appreciation to employees for varying years of service. A detailed article will be followed up later this week highlighting the employees and their contributions to public service. B. Dave and Barb Clark presented a request to council for west side parking only on North 3rd street. Clark, who has a been a resident of Monmouth for over 40 years discussed the reasons for the request. Reasons included concerns about the congestion that is occurring when vehicles park on both sides. The increased parking is attributed to changes in policy/rates at the nearby apartment complex. Council advised that they would have public safety and zoning evaluate the parking and see what steps are required moving forward.
2 – MFD September Report – Chief Rexroat Last month was a busy month for the department regarding medical calls. The Firefighters are also conducting downtown familiarization as part of their training. This repetitive familiarization greatly helps during a response as personnel can quickly identify key infrastructure and building points. The Red Cross smoke alarm program has been going strong with firefighters installing 2-3 detectors a week on average. Last week the fire department was officially notified that their request for FEMA’s Assistance To Firefighters grant for a new ladder truck and generator had been denied. The department plans to apply again with revisions in the future. Last Saturday a storm passed over Monmouth which caused damage to the North Station. Two doors were blown in, and a large portion of the roof was removed during the wind. 1-800-BOARDUP was able to secure the two missing doors. Contractors are currently underway planning the necessary repairs. Chief Rexroat’s monthly report may be found on

3- MPD September Report – Chief Switzer Chief Switzer reported that all the events during the prime beef festival went well with only minor incidents occurring. The downhill derby was successful, and Switzer thanked Alderman Heatherly, Daw and Rutledge for their assistance in the event. The department looks forward to the event next year. The Police Department has also started their active shooter drills/training with the various schools in the area. Chief Switzer’s Monthly Report may be found at

4- Amendment to 2014 Cemetery Rules and Regulations The cemetery board has been working with the maintenance crews to address concerns that have presented at the cemetery. These are further clarifications to the existing rules. The amendment was approved by the Cemetery Board. A motion was made for approval by City Council and passed.
5- Purchase of squad car for MPD – MPD is requesting a budgeted purchase of a replacement squad car. The vehicle being requested is an all wheel drive 2017 Ford Interceptor. The vehicle will cost approximately $23k and will help to replace an aging fleet vehicle. A motion was made for approval and was approved.

6- Extend term of downtown TIF District Council started an open discussion about extending the TIF district. The current district has approximately four years left in the current term. If the City and supporting taxing bodies choose to apply for an extension, the term will gain an additional 12 years. TIF districts provide various incentives ranging from infrastructure improvements to rehabilitation of downtown buildings. Monmouth’s downtown is in need of various infrastructure improvements, and TIF funding provides a necessary funding mechanism for these improvements. Extending a TIF district requires the support of all taxing bodies in the affected area as well as an act of Illinois General Assembly. Given the complicated nature of the TIF district application process, a consultant that Administrator Steinbrecher has worked with twice in the past was recommended for limited involvement in the project. Council discussed a potential improvement grant the City will be applying for, and it’s relation to the TIF district. A consensus of approval was reached, and a resolution will be drafted on the particulars for the next City Council meeting. A resolution by Council will allow City Staff to approach the various taxing bodies more effectively. This potential project is currently at a very early stage; we will be releasing a public education article on this subject the week of the 23rd.

7- Ordinances A. 17-030, Variance, 613 E. Broadway A request for a small storage shed has been made. The construction requires a variance due to the proximity to a property line. A motion was made for approval and was approved. B. 17-031, Variance, 209 North C Street A request for a room addition has been made. The construction requires a variance due to the proximity to a property line. A motion was made for approval and was approved. C. 17-032, Special Use Variance, 720 North E Street A special use variance has been requested to open a small garage to install custom automotive accessories. A motion was made for approval and was approved.

*Report courtesy of the City of Monmouth*

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