Green Gives Options for Flu Season

The Warren County Health Department will be holding flu shot clinics in Roseville, Kirkwood, and multiple locations in Monmouth in the coming weeks. Carrie Green of the Health Department touched on the details.

“They are $35 this year. We can bill Medicare Part B and Medicaid. Other than that, it’s the quadrivalent, so it tries to cover the biggest, baddest strands that they think are coming towards us this year. We recommend as a health department that everyone should have that,” Green said.

The clinics will start on Oct. 10th at the Roseville Community Center, and the last clinic will be held on Oct. 25th. To see the locations and times for these clinics, log on to

The Health Department will also be offering a Discounted Lab Draw from Oct. 10th-12th. The lab fee will be $60 and includes a complete blood count.

“There’s a lot of people that have really, really high deductibles right now. It’s really hard for them to go in and get lab work. This gives them an option that’s local and discounted to get lab work done that’s necessary for a lot of medications at a discounted rate,” Green stated.

The lab work is by appointment only. Please call 734-1314 ext. 3 to set up an appointment. A copy of the results will be mailed to your home and can be faxed to your primary provider upon request.
written by Jackson Kane

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