Moore Family Excited for New Opportunity

Keister’s Tire Center in Monmouth was bought out by a family-owned business called Moore Tires last summer. Kyle Moore, Regional Manager for Moore Tires, is excited to be a part of the Monmouth community moving forward.

“We’re a very family-oriented business. A lot of times when you see a small-town business get bought out, a lot of people get the idea of that being a bad thing as the family business is going away. But that’s not the case whatsoever. We’re still very much family-oriented and have the same values that Keister’s most likely had, and we want to continue that,” Moore said.

Moore Tires was founded in 1990 in Rock Falls, Illinois. Since that time, they have expanded to five locations in Rock Falls, Kewanee, Monmouth, Macomb, and Mendota.

Moore Tires will offer the same services that Keister’s previously offered and then some, according to Moore. Aside from basic mechanical work and service calls, customers can now stop in without an appointment. He continued to reiterate one important message about the staff at Moore Tires:

“The people there will take care of you right and do it the right way. Not a whole lot is going to change other than maybe a few additional services,” Moore said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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