New Pool in the Plans for Monmouth

Monmouth’s City Council discussed a potential opportunity for public/private partnership with the YMCA on an outdoor pool for public use. The YMCA is currently considering building an outdoor pool in the area around their current building. This facility would have water slides and will serve a wide range of age groups. Interim City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher is a big fan of the proposal.

“It’s really a win-win situation for the city, the community, and the YMCA,” he said.

The current municipal pool that is owned and operated by the City has a few disadvantages. One disadvantage is the location requires crossing a highway which can be problematic for youths if they are not in a vehicle. Currently, the City loses anywhere from 30 to 60 thousand dollars in operating expenses annually.

The YMCA intends to have their new outdoor pool open to the public and will have rates comparable to what is currently being charged at the municipal pool. A YMCA membership would not be necessary to access the facility.

*Report courtest of the City of Monmouth*