Police Chief Switzer Receives New Certification

Monmouth Police Chief Joe Switzer recently received a new certification from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. The certification is completely voluntary, but Switzer believes continuing his education will only help his ability to serve the community.

“It enhances or is designed to enhance professionalism within the ranks of the chiefs of police in the state of Illinois and your continuing growth as a Chief of Police,” he said.

Less than 60 Chiefs of Police in the state have received this exclusive certification, which requires six months of testing to complete. Every five years, each Chief of Police must renew their certification.

“They give you a list of six textbooks that you have to read. They range from management concepts, community policing, current cases or current Supreme Court cases that affect law enforcement today,” Switzer said.

Switzer was promoted to the position of Police Chief back in early July, taking over for Bill Feithen. He has served on the Monmouth Police Department for over 24 years.

written by Jackson Kane

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