Central Students Help Animal Rescue Shelter

Even some of the world’s best minds need a break from the stresses of work to just think. Google allows their employees to spend 20 percent of their work day working on personal projects to help productivity. Central Intermediate School in Monmouth has adopted Google’s model, which is called “Genius Hour.” Principal Becky Ince explains:

“We started to do it at Central where students can either tell me something in the world that breaks their heart, and they want to try and come up with a solution for, or just something they’re passionate about,” Ince said.

Well, three students at Central have come up with an idea to help a local organization and something they’re all especially passionate about – animals. Lindsey Hull, Raelyn Stokes, and Kinzley Babcock have joined forces with Western Illinois Animal Rescue to help raise funds to assist with miscellaneous costs at the shelter. Hull, a part-time volunteer at the shelter, was the mastermind behind this wonderful idea.

“We’re raising donations for the animal shelter. The community can donate and all the people that go to Central,” she said.

Donations will help to cover essential items needed to help care for the animals such as cat litter, food, leashes, and toys. To donate, drop off your donations at Central Intermediate School or at Western Illinois Animal Rescue.

written by Jackson Kane

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