Monmouth PD Gives November Notes

Police Chief Joe Switzer shared an update on the Take Back Drug Event, which took place on Oct. 28th.

“We had two locations on the 28th: one at Monmouth Police Department and one at Holy Family Medical Center. We actually took in 75 pounds of prescription drugs,” Switzer said.

The event is designed to give citizens a place to dispose of prescription drugs safely and responsibly. Switzer stated that the numbers were similar to years past for this area.

Terry Hepner, Investigator for the MPD, also wanted to warn people and businesses about an outbreak in counterfeit money making its way around Monmouth.

“This weekend we had several local businesses that were victims of counterfeit money. Some of the businesses actually took the counterfeit money; some did not. I highly recommend for our local businesses to get one of those currency authenticators. They range from $30 to $300,” Hepner said.

Hepner and the MPD have been in contact with other departments about the possible suspect. For information on the City of Monmouth, log on to their website at

written by Jackson Kane

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