Bicentennial Celebration up Next for Monmouth

Illinois’ 200th birthday is coming up in 2018; Dec. 3rd of next year to be exact. Ahead of that important date, the state is wanting to celebrate this bicentennial birthday accordingly. Starting Dec. 4th of this year, the state and many of its cities will be celebrating for the entire year. Sean Cavanaugh talked about what Monmouth will be doing to kickoff this year-long celebration, including the raising of a special bicentennial flag:

“We’ve got individuals from the county, individuals from the city, dignitaries and what not that will assemble on the steps of the courthouse. The public is welcome to attend. I will read some statements about what the flag means and what the flag raising ceremony represents. And then Jeff Rankin – a local historian – he and Kellen Hinrichsen of the Warren County History Museum are working on something that they will read that will talk about what Monmouth and Warren County were like back in 1818 when the state was first brought into the Union,” Cavanaugh stated.

After the initial readings are finished, the Illinois state flag will be lowered, and the bicentennial flag will then be attached to the flag pole and raised just below the Illinois state flag. The flag will fly for the remaining part of 2017 until Illinois’ big day in December of 2018.

written by Jackson Kane