Creating Future Opportunities a Priority for District 238


Monmouth-Roseville School District 238 held a school board meeting this past Tuesday. Superintendent Ed Fletcher talked about a number of opportunities the district is looking to afford it’s students in regards to building relationships with area colleges.

One example of this would be a partnership that was approved by the school board on Tuesday night between the district and Monmouth College. The agreement will allow students looking to learn more about higher education to attend Monmouth College classes and get a feel for the atmosphere in a college classroom.

“I love the opportunity to work with Monmouth College. They are a great partner with us. A lot of their kids are in our building so I think this is a win-win for both sides,” Fletcher stated.

Fletcher also touched on the use of Title IV money for the district. After some changes to the “No Child Left Behind” Act, the Title IV money will now be used to help underprivileged kids to pay for tuition at Carl Sandburg College.

“What we’re going to do with that money is apply that to the tuition for students at Monmouth-Roseville High School to attend Carl Sandburg. So in essence, we’re trying to take away a reason – some kids will say ‘I can’t go to Carl Sandburg. I don’t have money.’ Well, we’re taking that excuse away from you. Now, you have the skills, you have the capability. Now, we want you to go,” Fletcher said.

The goal is to eliminate as many barriers as possible for kids looking to attend college for Fletcher and District 238.

written by Jackson Kane

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