District 304 Purchases Ag Plot for Students

A special announcement was made on Tuesday morning regarding United School District and their agricultural programming. United School Board President Dana Poole says this type of development has been on the radar for both he and Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt for some time now.

“Jeff and I, a few years ago, had brainstormed the idea of possibly having some land so our FFA kids could practically get experience working out in the field. After a few years of talking about it, I finally got enough nerve to speak to our neighbor landlord there – the Walters. After a few discussions, we have been able to purchase that land as of yesterday,” he said.

The plot of land is approximately eight acres. Whitsitt said the process of acquiring the land took about three to four months. As far as how the venture was paid for, Whitsitt credits sales tax dollars.

“I think it’s important to mention to our constituents and to our taxpayers that this was sales tax dollars that purchased this land for us. This isn’t coming out of what our property tax owners pay to us. We’re hitting up every trucker that drives through McDonald’s and Casey’s and all that stuff too is helping pay for this,” Whitsitt said.

The ag experience will pay for itself over time as crops are grown and sold. Poole and Whitsitt are thankful for the gracious gesture from the Walters family for allowing the District to purchase the land.

To hear more of what Whitsitt and Poole had to say, click the podcast link below:

written by Jackson Kane

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