Numbers to Know: Monmouth Police & Fire

The Monmouth Police and Fire Departments released their monthly reports for November. Overall, the amount of assaults, burglaries, and thefts for the month were down in comparison to November of 2016. However, the amount of total arrests and major motor vehicle offenses for the month both saw an increase.

As for the year-to-date comparison for Monmouth, the amount of total arrests made in the city is down 96 total arrests since Nov. 2016. The amount of major motor vehicle offenses has also trended downward over that time – going from 578 such incidents last year, to 502 this year. The amount of total dispatch calls that have been made since last November sits at 28,911, which is a year-to-date increase of 1,251 total calls.

As for the Fire Department numbers, the city saw six different fires break out this month. That number pushes the total number of year-to-date fires to 47. The Department dealt with no explosion calls this month, but has assisted on seven such calls this year.

69 rescue and emergency medical service calls were carried out during Nov. 2017. That year-to-date number now sits at 815 such calls. And seven hazardous condition calls (which includes combustible/flammable spills and leaks) were assisted with by the department during November. That year-to-date number is now 129 incidents.

written by Jackson Kane

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