Kindness Revolution New for State Farm

The Kindness Revolution supports and promotes positive behaviors in the workplace, schools, and in everyday life. Heidi Brown with State Farm Insurance talked about this unique program that is rewarding people for small acts of kindness.

“It’s something that I came across through my peer group. One of the agents I know was participating in this program up in Wisconsin and has had a lot of success. What it does is, it promotes positive behaviors, so whether it is youth or adults that we’re talking about. We have wristbands that we give out. A wristband is awarded for an act of kindness. So it’s a pay-it-forward system where there’s a takeaway item to remind us of the importance of being kind to others,” Brown said.

State Farm is the exclusive partner for this program in the area. Various organizations have already reached out to get involved in this kindness initiative, and Brown encourages more people to get involved.

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written by Jackson Kane

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