Swanson Says Technology Should Be Farmer's Best Friend

The average age of farmers is rising, but why is that the case? Krista Swanson with the University of Illinois believes young people struggle with the financial challenges of initially breaking into the industry.

“As equipment costs go up relative to where our prices are, it’s a steeper climb to get in – more debt up front. I think some people choose not to. Maybe people grew up in a farming family and they felt like they had career opportunities elsewhere, so that presents a challenge,” Swanson stated.

The stakes are high for anyone wanting to become a first-generation farmer. Swanson believes those that are wanting to break into the industry should use the various farming technologies that are now available to them to help guide them through tough decisions.

“You have the precision tools and a lot of companies that do the data collection where they provide a lot of daily analysis right to your phone or desktop. I know some young farmers are really taking advantage of that, and I think that’s a really neat thing out there. Some of those young farmers that are more tech-savvy can really benefit from it,” she said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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