Fletcher Talks Changes at Monmouth-Roseville

The Monmouth-Roseville school board met Tuesday night. The board approved a few changes that will affect the district’s high school students in particular. Superintendent Ed Fletcher shared news about a new class coming in 2018-2019:

“The board approved the addition of AP History at the high school, which is important in the sense that, it’s giving kids another opportunity to take a very challenging academic class. We’re excited about this. We have a teacher that is interested in doing it: Dr. Gable,” he said.

District 238’s board also approved Early Release Fridays. This move will replace Late Start Wednesdays, which have disturbed parents and their children’s morning routines. Fletcher stated that this change should help families resolve this issue:

“One of the big discussions has been the Late Start Wednesdays and the disruption to continuity for young children and families with young kids and getting them to school and trying to find childcare, trying to find a way to get them to school when parents have to work,” Fletcher said.

To hear more about the school board meeting, click on the link to Fletcher’s interview below:

written Jackson Kane

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