Galesburg Parks & Recreation Details Upcoming Events

The Galesburg Parks and Recreation Department has many different events in the near future.

Elizabeth Varner of the Galesburg Parks and Recreation Department reported that there will be everything from ballroom dance lessons to swimming lessons available this month.

Parents Night Out will also take place March 16 at the Hawthorne Gym in Galesburg. March 10 will have the Lakeside Nature Center hosting the Maple Syrup Adventure. Boy Scout Troop 233 will be assisting this event.

An event will also be taking place on Father’s Day, with registration open now.

“We have a Cubs and Cardinal trip coming up and it’s gonna be on Father’s Day this year. The seats are great and so if they wanna call we’ve got those tickets for June 17th. It’s going to be at Busch Stadium with the Cubs and Cardinals, so that’s a great rivalry to take a look at,” Varner said.

There are many other events in the coming future, such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the end of the month. For more information, please feel free to call the department at (309) 345-3683 or visit their website at Many events are also detailed in the podcast below.

Written by Alex Foltz

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