2018 March Madhouse Contest


Here’s the first update for our March Madhouse contest!!

If your team won the first round (not including the First Four games), you will receive a breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s. Our winners are……Tracey Warner, Kevin Cunningham, Tyler Way, Sam Brownlee, Justin Thomas, Ann Johnson, Martha Carwile, Brenda Schreck, Amanda Grace, Robbie Thompson, Jennifer Cook, Amy Pleshko, Rusty Gillam, Brendan Breslin, Jane Codd, Gary Robertson, Alec Dutko, Peggy Casteel, Ebony Skinner, Sean Severn, Donna Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, Nick Campagna, Deb Hart, Ben Brown, Laura Sage, Chris Strauch, Ryan Brown, Jerry Icenogle, Jim Epperson, Bob Brownlee and Joyce Paschal.

In addition to the McDonalds Breakfast Sandwich, the winners of round two will get a $20 gift card from MC Sport and More that you can use in their Monmouth or Galesburg location. Those winners are Kevin Cunningham, Tyler Way, Justin Thomas, Martha Carwile, Robbie Thompson, Amy Pleshko, Brendan Breslin, Jane Codd, Alec Dutko, Ebony Skinner, Terry Mitchell, Deb Hart, Ben Brown, Chris Strauch, Jerry Icenogle and Joyce Paschal.

Also, as well as the above prizes, the following people won a $20 gift card from Papas Bar and Grill in Monmouth by winning their 3rd round game. Those winners are Tyler Way, Justin Thomas, Amy Pleshko, Brendan Breslin, Alec Dutko, Terry Mitchell, Ben Brown and Joyce Paschal.

We are down to our Final Four contestants because the following people won a large pizza from the Italian Village in Monmouth by winning their Elite Eight matchup. Those winners are Justin Thomas, Brendan Breslin, Alec Dutko and Ben Brown.

If your team makes the championship game, in addition to the already great prizes that you’ve accrued, you’ll win a $25 gift card and t-shirt from Chick’s at the Club in Monmouth!!

Our champion will receive 1 pair of Chicago Cub/St. Louis Cardinal tickets provided by MC Sport and More a $100 Gift Card provided by Nici Jones – COUNTRY Financial to help get you to the ballpark and back & maybe even a little left over to get something to eat!!

Congrats to all the winners so far!!

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