Jamieson Center Update from Nancy Mowen

Nancy Mowen with the Jamieson Community Center in Monmouth shared some updates on her organization. Their Pattee Learning Center, which debuted in 2017, hosts 1st through 6th graders Monday through Thursday each week. Mowen hopes to attract even more students to the Learning Center in the near future.

“We have 13 children who are currently attending Monday through Thursday. We have a few more that are coming in for initial assessments this week. We have room to grow in that program thanks to the Pattee Foundation. We assess every child when they come in. We started with a small group of children, and we have continually grown,” she said.

Children are referred to the Learning Center by school districts or their parents. The Center will also offer tutoring during the upcoming summer of 2018.

Mowen also touched on the Center’s Summer Meals Program and Healthy Meals on a Budget Dinner coming up. Jamieson Center is looking for two volunteer food servers for the Summer Meals Program. The Healthy Meals on a Budget dinner is scheduled for Apr. 26 from 5:30 to 6:30.

For more information on the Jamieson Community Center, call 734-4251.

written by Jackson Kane

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