Long Taking Over as W-H Farm Bureau Manager

A new manager will take over at the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau starting in April. Gina Long, who has worked as an administrative assistant with the Bureau since Aug. 2015, will take over as manager with the impending retirement of Carol Ricketts. Long explained why she is so passionate about agriculture and why she’s excited to step into the role:

“My dad is a 4th generation farmer, so it has kind of been with me my whole life. I think more than anything, just the work ethic that farmers have and the care that they have when it comes to their land and their communities and what it means to them is very special and close to my heart,” she said.

Long graduated from United High School in 2011. She then attended the University of Illinois, graduating with a degree in Marketing in 2015. She enjoys playing sports, reading, traveling, and water & snow skiing.

Long’s predecessor, Ricketts, has worked with the Farm Bureau for the last 28 years, starting as a bookkeeper in 1990.

As for what’s next for Long and the Farm Bureau, they are currently assembling the organization’s schedule for the upcoming months and working on fundraising for potential scholarships.

“Tentatively, our Annual Tractor Drive will be Saturday, June 2nd. Our 100th Anniversary Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, June 26th at the St. Pat’s Community Center. We’ll have our live and silent auction for the foundation that night, so we’re excited to have that coming up in June. And then the other event we have planned is our Annual Golf Outing, which will be August 18th out at Gibson Woods,” Long said.

To hear more from Long and the Farm Bureau, click on the link below:

written by Jackson Kane