Global Education the Focus of WCPL's Summer Reading Program

Registration for the Warren County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program starts May 1st. Librarian Danielle Morrison shares the theme of the program and her excitement for the summer ahead:

“This year’s theme is ‘Reading Takes You Everywhere.’ You can travel to many places around the world through a book. And just focusing on the world as a whole and how we’re tied together and how we’re united and learning about different cultures and life on all of the continents,” she said.

Morrison cites the support of sponsors – specifically United Jr. High School – for their generous contributions to the program. UJHS puts on a wax museum every year; the money raised from last year’s event, over $1,300, was donated to this summer’s upcoming program.

Various other organizations in the community are offering up raffle prizes and rewards parties for young readers that reach certain goals during this summer’s reading. The program offers options for both children and adults.

For more information, visit their website at or call 734-3166.

written by Jackson Kane