Wilder Touches on State of District 202

The Knoxville School District held a school board meeting on Monday night. Superintendent Steve Wilder said the main focus of the meeting was amending their current budget. Currently, the district is spending more than they’re receiving, but there are reasons for this says Wilder.

“The biggest portion of our tax revenue comes in in May and June, so that revenue comes in right at the end of the school year and typically catches us up in terms of expenditures and balancing things out. The other piece is state funding and where we’re at with that,” he said.

State aid has been coming to the district as scheduled this year says Wilder. The additional evidence-based funding money from the state will continue to help balance the budget through the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

A shift in the type of technology used in the district was also approved on Monday.

“The board approved leasing Chromebooks for grades 5 thru 12. We did that on a 3-year lease as opposed to a 4-year lease,” Wilder said.

The shortened lease is in response to the ever-changing world of technology. Wilder also stated that the move to Chromebooks is more beneficial because of lower prices than laptops.

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written by Jackson Kane

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