2018 Brings New Safety Challenges to ICS

Immaculate Conception School Principal Randy Frakes said it best:

“It used to be just fire drills and tornado drills – maybe an earthquake drill for some reason, but now we have to add that to the mix.”

He is, of course, talking about the all-too-common school shooting safety drills that are commonplace nationwide in 2018. ICS is staying on top of the issue, training staff and students to be prepared for the worst.

“Just like the public schools in the area, we’re doing ALICE. We work with the Monmouth Police Department to run the different scenarios with the students … age appropriate for the different levels. And then of course we train our staff as well,” he said.

The installation of cameras has also taken place within the last year at the faith-based Catholic school. ICS has a single entrance to the school where visitors must buzz the administrative office to gain access.

Overall, the thought is scary, but it’s about covering all the bases to ensure student safety.

“They’ve responded fairly well. I know some of them are nervous about it at times, which, I’m nervous as well when you get someone in the building and you hear those blanks go off and you start to think about real situations. But they have done a great job and responded well. I’m very proud of them all and the staff,” Frakes stated.

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written by Jackson Kane

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