Achiever of the Month: April

After 12 years of serving as Public Defender in Warren County, Attorney Tom Siegel will be stepping down on July 1. Warren Achievement and the Review Atlas decided that Siegel’s work deserved to be recognized. The WAC’s Marketing Director Sean Cavanaugh shares why Siegel is so deserving of the Achiever of the Month Award for April:

“He is a great advocate for those needing representation in the court of law. Public Defender is there to provide legal counsel for individuals that cannot provide it for themselves, and that is a right that they have under the law. He has taken it quite seriously, and done it for 12 years. It’s a constant grind: case after case after case. It’s like the mail: it never ends sadly. There are people that require this assistance,” he said.

Siegel started public defense work with the county in 2006, but hadn’t reached 100 hours of public defense work in a month until Nov. 2017. In January of 2018, Siegel totaled over 160 hours of public defense work alone.

Congratulations to Mr. Siegel on this prestigious honor!

written by Jackson Kane