Enrolling Land into Natural Reservation Conservation Resources

Catherine Froelich, District Conservationist of the Natural Reservation Conservation Services, shared details about the conservation program and how those interested can enroll their land now through August 17th. Froelich discusses the importance of why land owners should have their land surveyed:

“It’s always important to protect your resources. God gave us really good land around here. We have good soils and most farmers are passing it onto their kids and hopefully onto the next generation. We want to protect that soil from eroding away as much as possible. We have wildlife habitat out there and it’s getting slim. Lots of trees are coming down out there and a lot of the habitat is gone. This is another way to get it back. You may have family members that like to hunt pheasant or quail and this a way to bring that back,” states Froelich.

Land owners must own their land for a year before signing up. Another requirement for the program is the land being enrolled must have been cropped during the years of 2008 and 2013.

Other sign-ups occurring at the Natural Reservation Conservation are the farm program now until August 1st and the crop acre certification through July 15th.

For more information log onto or contact the FSA office at 217-241-6600.

written by Kelsey Crain