Kunkle Shares Ways to Combat Dicamba Damage

Jared Kunkle, President of the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau, wanted to remind farmers to take extra caution when using Dicamba herbicide on their crops. Kunkle explained how the herbicide can damage neighboring crops:

“Wind can pick up. You try to do your best to spray when the label calls for, and the wind and temperatures and all that stuff. The wind can always pick up at a random time or random burst. It could put a little mist on a neighboring row or two of a field, so it can ding the crop,” Kunkle stated.

Communication is vital to ensure nobody’s crops get harmed. Kunkle recognizes that not all incidents can be avoided, but there are ways to minimize the damage.

“I’m starting to see the flag technology being used. I think a lot of people are coming into the farm bureau building to get those flags. They’re available. That marks your field whether you’re Liberty, conventional, Round-Up only, or the Xtend beans in the field. It’s just going to be another year of a mix. I have Liberty neighbors, and we’re trying to talk and get a game plan together on where the wind needs to be so we don’t hurt anyone else’s crop,” he said.

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written by Jackson Kane

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