Latest from United School District #304

The United School District met last week for their board meeting to discuss upcoming business. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt shares details about the budget amendment and what is to come:

“We rescinded the budget amendment we are able to live off the original budget that we proposed back in September. That’s good news, says a lot about or people and how conscious they are about our costs and what we are doing with our budget, we are not flush with money after the end of the year I think we put together a spending plan that is accurate and practical for what we need to get done this year,” shares Whitsitt.

The district architect was present for the board meeting and approved a $200,000 electrical upgrade for the High School during the summer, which will include a security camera system, technical upgrades, phone system upgrades, and door lock upgrading.

A representative from 1st Mid State Investments was also present to discuss bonds and financing for the districts 10 year life safety plan survey. The district is working to put together a priority list to send to the state in order for projects to be approved and funded for completion. The district is looking at around $6 million of required work to be done, which includes venting and HVAC systems at the West Campus. There is also another $2 million of recommended projects needed to be done, including new pavement of parking lots, water pipes, and roofing.

Whitsitt also shared details about new hires that have been made and remaining available positions the district is looking to fill. The United High School is looking to employ a Physical Education teacher, Social Studies teacher, Mathematics teacher, and a boy’s golf coach.

For more information about the positions contact the United High School at 734-9411.

written by Kelsey Crain