Renewable Energy Projects Coming to Galesburg

Ken Springer with the Knox County Area Partnership shared the latest business developments from around Galesburg, starting with an important approval recently.

“Knox County Board at the tail end of last month granted conditional use permits for two solar installations from a company called Geronimo Energy Partners. The reason why this is big news is these are the first solar generation projects approved for unincorporated Knox County,” he said.

After legislation passed in 2016 to support $3 billion worth of renewable energy projects in Illinois, communities have raced to be a part of that process. Springer discussed the benefits:

“Renewable energy, obviously not known as a large creator of permanent jobs, but one thing renewable energy projects do create is a bunch of local property taxes. So for communities around the state that are looking for additional tax revenue – which I think would be pretty much every community around the state – there’s a lot of competition right now to grab on to these projects,” Springer stated.

A workshop on how to start a business and a series of recertification workshops for expired CNAs are also coming up for the Partnership. The business workshop will focus on strategies to finance a start-up business, and will be held at Anderson State Bank in Oneida on July 11. For details on the CNA recertification classes, call Meg Wicks at 289-2338.

written by Jackson Kane