Ricketts Cautions Consumers About Debit Card Fraud

Summertime means vacation time for most, and that means spending money is inevitable. Dorothy Ricketts with Security Savings Bank gave tips on how to combat debit card fraud:

“If you’ve taken your debit card for use on vacation, make sure you have a backup form of payment with you because, unfortunately, debit cards can be shut off with very little warning. Let your bank know, or your financial institution, let them know where you’re going and when so they can pay attention to your transactions. If something out of the ordinary should be there, they’ll know that. Be careful too about social media postings,” Ricketts stated.

Ricketts also warned about leaving room keys unattended while on vacation because they can be linked to debit cards.

For more information regarding debit card fraud, call Security Savings at 734-9333.

written by Jackson Kane

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