Warren County Sheriff Warns of Increased Traffic Throughout Summer

The warmer weather has finally come, and that means more people will be out traveling on the roads. Warren County Sheriff Martin Edwards wanted to remind folks out and about to slow down and take caution, especially in construction zones:

“It’s summertime, and there’s a lot of movement. Particularly the big problem we have out there with the construction and running up and down 164. We just ask people to be careful out there driving, and watch out for the other guy and the motorcyclists too,” stated Edwards.

The county and state police are out patrolling and keeping an eye on things to help minimize the problem and address calls from concerned citizens:

“I told somebody who called with concerns we still have other calls we have to take too. We will be out there as much as we can,” Edwards said.

As always, if you see something out of sorts or have some concerns, call the Warren County Sheriff’s Department at 734-8506.

written by Kelsey Crain

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