Addicts Find Refuge at Better Track in Galesburg

A Better Track Rehab & Recovery is a non-profit 501-3c organization located in Galesburg that is looking to help people that have encountered challenges and want to choose a better road. A Better Track combats struggles with addiction, ranging from substance abuse to gambling to alcohol addiction. Their objective is to support those in need according to Doug Ball with the non-profit:

“We try and give people a step up that have reached a difficult time in life and they need to make some changes in their life, and they don’t have any other place to go,” Ball stated.

Boasting a 20,000 square foot facility with 38 rooms, a learning center, and an urban farm, A Better Track offers a safe environment for those in recovery. Ball says that educating and keeping residents busy is key to the recovery process:

“We have found that a lot of folks that are having challenges don’t have life skills. They don’t have a GED maybe, a high school diploma, so we try to point them in that direction,” he said.

Rates for living start at $115 a week and that includes utilities, Wi-Fi, and laundry. The facility is located at 820 East 5th St.

For more information, call A Better Track at 335-8990 or visit their website at

written by Jackson Kane