Chief Switzer Talks Cruise Night Safety


Cruise Night will be happening this Friday, August 3rd, in downtown Monmouth. Police Chief Joe Switzer wants Monmouth residents to be aware that road closures around the square will begin at 6am Friday morning and last up until 9pm that night. Switzer shares there will be plenty of police present during the event and some matters that will not be allowed:

“There’s no alcohol allowed on the streets. I know some car shows in other areas allow that, that would be one of my big things to tell people don’t bring any alcohol. If we see it we will tell you to get rid of it. Another thing, kids bring their bikes up we would prefer people to not ride their bikes. There is a lot of people walking the streets, and it’s so crowded it’s hard to negotiate a bike without hitting someone or something. Park your bike and walk if you want to look. And we don’t need people bringing their dogs downtown,” states Switzer.

25,000 people are expected to attend and cars will be displayed all the way to Pizza Hut.

A new safety change this year, will be the cars up on the square will exit on East and West Broadway instead of driving through the people on Main Street.
Switzer wants this event to be an entertaining time but also make sure everyone is safe.

In other police department news, Police Chief Switzer has finished his first year as chief and is very proud of his department and how things have gone. In the next year he wants to continue to improve on the connection with the people in Monmouth and address some infrastructure items.

Police arrests have increased due to putting a stop on drugs. Switzer wanted the department to hit hard on drugs in the area to get them off the streets and they have done just that:

“The opioids. Methamphetamine, heroin, and we still run across marijuana frequently. We will still continue to enforce the laws and ordinances we have and go after the people that are using the drugs and selling them,” Switzer shares.

The Cessna airplane the police confiscated in the drug bust at the Monmouth airport will go up for sale on August 4th.

Switzer encourages if you see anything out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to contact the police or Crime Stoppers to help get drugs off the streets.

written by Kelsey Crain


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