Little Miss Warren County 2018: Jenson Parkins

The 25th annual Miss, Junior Miss, and Little Miss Warren County Fair Queen Pageant was held this past Saturday at Eldridge Park in Roseville. Jenson Parkins garnered the crown for the position of Little Miss Warren County edging out 17 other hopefuls. Jenson is a 7-year old student at Immaculate Conception School and the daughter of Brian and Jenna Parkins.

When asked what she’s most excited for at this week’s fair, she mentioned Don’s Corndogs and a particular fair ride:

“I’m excited about the Dragon Swings. It’s a dragon, and you ride on it, and it goes around and around and around,” she said.

Pageant Director DeNeene Killey was worried about the stormy weather on Saturday night, but ultimately, the show was able to go on:

“It’s probably the most nerve-wracking, just because, with the storms rolling through, it was a lot of decision-making last minute of what we could cut, how we could kind of trim the fat off the pageant, and get it done as quickly as possible so that we could crown some new girls,” she stated.

Hayven Rundle of Monmouth was 1st Runner-up in the Little Miss competition, followed by Isabella Feehan of Kirkwood as 2nd Runner-up, Elle Shawler of Kirkwood taking 3rd Runner-up, and Ashlynn Shafer of Monmouth placing as 4th Runner-up.

Congratulations to Jenson and all these young ladies for their great showings at the Pageant!

written by Jackson Kane