Monmouth Fire Department Update


Monmouth Fire Chief, Casey Rexroat, wants to remind those in town about outdoor burning and keeping it under control to prevent major fires. Outdoor burning is allowed from noon until 8pm on Mondays through Saturdays. Rexroat asks those burning to keep piles small and consisting of natural waste, including leaves, sticks, and grass clippings. Chief Rexroat shares the importance of controlling the fire:

“If it’s dry enough that fire will actually travel across the grass and get close to a house or garage or something like that. It has happened. People need to be really careful and make sure it’s completely out when they’re done and stay with it when its there,” states Rexroat.

Having a water source or fire extinguisher nearby is important, just in case the fire were to get out of control.

If a fire becomes a major problem, make sure to call the Monmouth Fire Department for assistance.

Rexroat also shared about how to check your fire extinguisher and make sure it will still work correctly.

“If you want to check your extinguisher, pick it up and shake it a little bit, if you can hear the powder still loose inside it’s still good. If it’s solid in there then it’s not going to work when you need it to work,” reports Rexroat.

The Monmouth Fire Department had a few fire calls during the month of June including, a shed fire, a car fire, and assisting mutual aid to a Roseville structure fire. All the guys worked hard in fighting the fires and have been doing well so far this summer in the heat.

The Monmouth Fire Department has free installation of smoke detectors available, which were donated by the Red Cross.

If you are in need of new smoke detectors or need old ones replaced, call the Monmouth Fire Department at 734-8428.

written by Kelsey Crain


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