Warren Achievement Center Update

The new Rec Center for the achievers at Warren Achievement is up and running very smoothly. The building was made possible by donations and memorial funds. Sean Cavanaugh, Marketing Coordinator at Warren Achievement, shares how the new Rec Center has become a big success:

“It’s wonderful, it’s a great thing. They have a lot of fun down there, just as anyone would. And it’s another wonderful outlet for them. Warren Achievement Center works very, very hard to provide a full life experience,” states Cavanaugh.

In other Warren Achievement Center news, Cavanaugh discusses the project of a new Day Program facility:

“If everything goes as planned, we would add onto our current corporate facility, which is about 12,500 square feet and double that. Then move the day program classes and cafeteria and all that down there. Also, move some offices down there, which would be about half the cost, which sounds pretty good,” shares Cavanaugh.

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written by Kelsey Crain