Interim Dean Shares Background, Includes Strong Monmouth Roots

Monmouth College’s new interim dean and VP of academic affairs, Mark Willhardt, has strong roots in the community; his parents met at Monmouth College back in 1958. After growing up in Monmouth, Willhardt moved away in the mid-1980s, before coming back in 2000 to teach at the school. He explains why he came back.

“The college community when I interviewed here was a continuation of what I remembered growing up, but it had improved even more. So that when I came back it was really a good, interesting college community to come back to – buildings were being built, the faculty was growing, we were developing programs,” he said.

Willhardt has taught 20th century British literature, 15th century literature, and directed various gen ed programs at the College since his return in 2000. Monmouth continues to thrive each year, and the addition of three new major programs – Neuroscience, Data Science, and Engineering – is just another reason Willhardt is excited for what’s next.

“Part of the joy of this is that we have a college that is functioning well, so that when I step in, I don’t have to recreate anything,” he said. “I don’t have to patch anything up. I simply have to keep things moving and to build on what’s already there. And that’s a great position to be in when you step in as an interim.”

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written by Jackson Kane